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    Terms & Conditions & Safety Procedures


    1. All payment options are for single use. We have no issue with other family members sharing the same screen. However we will only be supporting and marking work of the single user. Otherwise you can take the "Couples Offer" or purchase more than one subscription. 

    2. If onsite student attendance falls below five due to students choosing online attendance or due to absence, then we will also migrate the whole class fully online.

    3. Once the course begins, the fees are spent towards the delivery costs and therefore, course fees are non-refundable.

    4. You acknowledge that this is a binding Islamic and legal agreement to honour all payments

    5. If you are utilising the creche, you are still responsible for your child's additional needs from feeding to changing or any other special needs.

  • 90hrs taught onsite over 22 weeks

  • 1-1 Mentorship & Counselling worth £300

  • Onsite and Online Drills with multiple teachers per course

  • 50hrs of Pre-recorded support material & Course book worth £400

  • Creche Included to support young families worth £1100

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