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This is an in-exhaustive list of testimonials from students and recommendations from scholars for the Quran Institute's flagship Family Program. 

What our students say

    The Family Program could not have come at a better time for myself and my husband as we were expecting our first child. The Family Program has given us key direction for ourselves and future goals as well as establishing this mindset within a fundamental grounded Islamic family household in bringing up our own children. 

    - Rubena, Psychotherapist, London


    In a time of information overload and self appointed experts all over social media, The Family Program was exactly what I needed to cut through conflicting opinions and gain clarity on the vision that Islam lays out for Muslims as individuals, as family members, in their communities and as part of our global ummah. I haven’t come across a program as comprehensive as The Family Program or as accessible to Muslims from different backgrounds and life experiences.

    If the content of the program wasn’t enough, our teachers went above and beyond to provide extra support and guidance outside of class on top of running the other amazing projects under The Quran Institute. I can honestly say the program exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to everyone. 

    - Afsheen, Junior Doctor, Essex

    "The Family Program" course offered by Mufti Moinul and Muftiya Nasima is a comprehensive and holistic program which does a remarkable job (provided one puts the work in) in giving people the tools to build and maintain strong Islamic family foundations, preparing couples for parenthood and navigating the modern world with the guidance of the Qur'an and Sunnah.

    I had spent a number of years in junior high in madrassa memorising the Quran and have also attended various seminars and religious courses over the years. In my experience: The Family Program is the best bang for your buck and super effective. The two highlights for me were the Arabic component and the tafsir of Sura Kahf. We are constantly reminded about the importance of reciting Surah Kahf every Friday and how the recitation/memorisation of the Surah will protect us from certain trials and tribulations. Mufti Moinul does a masterful job of going through the Sura and extracting lessons which one can continuously ponder upon and actively apply to one's own life. Combined with the Arabic lessons, it can really change the way you interact with the Surah every week. Going from mindlessly reading the Surah every week to being able to reflect on just some of the vastness that this great Surah offers. May Allah SWT grant Mufti Moinul and his family the best in this life and the best in the hereafter. Allahuma Barik.

    - Abu Zakariya, Data Analyst, Canada


    My wife and I could not recommend The Family Programme enough. It forced us to think deeply about why we are together and what we actually wanted to achieve together. One concept that was stressed during the program that really stuck with me was the idea that a family is greater than the sum of its members, that together you should encourage and motivate each other to do bigger and better things for the sake of Allah. Ever since the course ended, I feel like we are still talking about things we learnt and bringing it up in conversations to others. 

    One of the most unexpected side-benefits of the program was how discussions about The Family Programme replaced watching TV during dinner time.

    I honestly believe everyone has something to benefit from the programme and looking at the revised content, makes me even more keen to recommend it

    - The Zaidi Family, Foundation Doctor, Hull


    I really enjoyed attending the parenting part of the Family Program, this was when I first started. It was informative and practical, also there was always opportunities given to students to give their perspective and understanding. 

    - Amina Abdulrahman, Post-Compulsory Teacher, London


    I have never wrestled with myself as much as after joining the family program. Self-mastery and family foundations has given me such key tools that challenge my perception of human beings and the world, including their relation to myself.

    I teach islamic history for young adults and the same narrations and events that I have read over and over again suddenly had a whole new layer to them after combining it with the Family Program lessons. Self-mastery was not just theoretical now, the great men and women of our past brought insight into what it means to master yourself, your family and your ummah.

    - Emir Selman, Process Engineer, Denmark


    Learning the Arabic in your 40’s is tough. Week on week I struggled to retain the information from the class. However the structure of the course has meant that during the week I have been able to access the content again and again, until it sunk in.

    I was able to listen to the class recordings again and again and attend the mid week trench class with Ustadha Nasima. Alhamdulliah, it worked and I am looking forward to signing up to the next level. 

    - Suhana, Social Worker, London


    The Family Program helped me tap back into myself, ignite confidence and strive to earn the pleasure of Allah (SWA) with ihsan.The Self-Mastery and Family Foundation lessons have benefited me immensely in my own self development journey into being the best version of myself by staying true to myself, but also trying to complete and fulfil the rights that others have from me and visa versa but through Allahs guidance. It’s been great to work on my self for not only to benefit myself but my family, friends and the Ummah.

    The programmes overall have allowed me to tap back into myself and reach out towards my potential goals and ignite that spark/confidence that I once had within myself for the love of this Deen but now being able to increase that striving that much more to please our creator and strengthen my relationship with the Al Mighty - Allah Jallaajalaluhu. 

    - Mahera Khan, Early Years Educator, London


    Learn to heal to grow. It is my genuine belief that every single Muslim should do Family Program, it has been life changing for me in terms of redefining my personal future direction, life priorities and perspectives. It wasn’t a casual course that you enrol in and forget about once it is over, 6 months on I am still thinking and reflecting over topics discussed. Alhamdulillah, it has been an incredible journey.

    - Shadha, Student of Islamic Studies, Sheffield


    The Family Program gave us a new lease of life. It has instilled the belief in us to grow further as Parents and ignite our passion to live a more meaningful Islamic life. We admire how Mufti Moinul and Muftiyaa Nasima work so hard to demystify many pre-Islamic backwardness that constantly resurface in our relationship. We would definitely recommend others to join and start their journey back to living a more productive Muslim life. 

    - Abu Jannah Family, Financial Auditing, Essex


    The Family Program is indispensable for the youth and old alike of our Ummah and reverts like myself. I already knew that Islam is wholistic and the Family Program took that into account.

    The course was designed to help individuals and families recover and heal and nurtures them so they can deal with (and even thrive) the various struggles in life like being exposed to secular societal norms, or childhood trauma, or our purpose in life and rebalancing us and refocusing ourselves on our Akhirah instead of living in a stupor, led by the nose by our Nafs, deluded by the Dunya.

    The program is so expansive that it covered all these areas. Thanks to the Family Program I was able to learn to read Arabic, something I told myself a long time ago I shouldn’t even attempt to do, because I would be unable to.

    The program is excellent, you will improve your recitation, you will be exposed to the wisdom of scholars, and to the gems that Mufti Moinul likes to drop throughout his lectures, you will also be connected to Brothers and Sisters who are struggling alongside you to improve their Islam. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining.

    - Nicolas, Business Strategist & consultant, Santiago Chile


    Alhamdulillah the first day on the Family Program was everything a student of knowledge would yearn for. It pushes you to think about your purpose in life with such deep meaning. I already feel like it has motivated me to change so many aspects of my life. I particularly enjoy learning about Self Mastery and it’s rare to find this elsewhere. Jazākallahu Khayran 

    - Labony, Luton 


    I had many preconceptions about Islam due to ignorance and bad experiences, but slowly, with time, I began to rediscover faith and what family is. The course has definitely enlarged my understanding of humanity, including myself, and it has helped me foster my relationship with my family and community. Personally, I found the course challenging because part of learning is also moulding yourself to what you have learned, which is not easy.

    I felt welcomed and supported by the teachers; I can still reach out to my mentors and engage in conversations with them since it is one of the ways I have learned about Islam. I was very surprised by their manners, work ethic, and how personable they are. I have met amazing people through this course.

    Like anyone else, I am still on my journey of learning about myself and how to be consciously human. I am in a better place than I was a year ago and I am happy that I did not give up on myself.

    This course was like a stepping stone for me.

    - Amrin, Philosophy Student, London


    Studying Tajwid with Muftiyya Nasima was a transformative experience. The personalised approach to learning with focus on every detail greatly advanced my Tajwid abilities in a short space of time. Muftiyya Nasima & Mufti Moinul’s approach to teaching holistically makes learning a truly fruitful experience - I’d highly recommend the Family Program to everyone! 

    - Nahda, Academic Journals Editor, London


    Healing. With the rise of many self help courses promising healing of traumas, it can be easy to feel accomplished by simply joining a course or speaking to a professional that promises to give you results. 

    But the reality much of the ‘help’ has feeds into the individualistic culture of society.

    Alhamdullilah the family foundations course and the family foundations subject in particular has been excellent in helping make sense of what ‘healing’ truly means in light of the Quran and sunnah. Making sense of the different roles of daughter, sister, wife and a member of the Ummah, often intertwining while each having their own responsibilities and rights, can be challenging especially in a time when you’re trying to understand true Islam away from the cultural Islam on one hand and secular liberalism on the other.

    Aside from the exceptional content taught, Ustadh Moinul Abu Hamza and Ustadha Nasima have not only been excellent mentors and scholars, it is their accessibility to the students is what really makes the difference. Having shared their experiences in life and seeing them juggle the home, scholarship and dawah, it is inspirational to know that there are real life examples of a healthy, Islamic family unit, may Allah preserve and protect them, ameen. 

    I would recommend this course to anybody who is serious enough about making permanent changes for the betterment of themselves, their families and the ummah- after all the family unit is the bedrock of society. 

    - A’isha, Early Childhood Educator, Canada...Yes no longer Sydney :(


    I came to The Quran Institute in 2020 - I was involved in my community dawah for several years, supporting old and unwell family members, and succeeding professionally but I had lost sight of my Islamic development and I felt a strain in my connection with Allah (swt).

    Through the tafsir of Surah Baqarah and insightful examples which resonated with my life, Ustadh Moinul redefined my responsibility and capacity as a Muslim and enabled me to reconnect to Allah, changing my outlook and improving my spiritual literacy significantly. In addition, elementary Arabic and tajweed have improved my reading and reciting of the Qur'an. The Family Program coincidentally started straight after I became married; with all of the anti-man, anti-woman rhetoric out there and the rise of e.g. Red Pill and Influencer 'Faqhis' pushing terrible advice on various platforms and muddying the water - the Family Program 1.0 cut through the nonsense and provided the balanced Islamic vision and outlook on marriage, community, ummah - lessons on sincerity and materialism exposed our ignorance and provided an islamic framework to remap our approach to life.

    Overall, FP 1.0 expanded our vision of what it really means to be a couple, to build a family, and our aspirations for marriage and the future. I'm enrolling to FP 2.0 to revisit many of the topics, as theyre never tackled the exact same way and, in spirit of what I have learned, I am serving my institute as a teaching assistant for the Arabic module. 

    - Ibrahim, Sales and Marketing Manager, London

    The family program holds the key to reforming the ummah in the 21st century. 

    The program appealed to me on an intellectual and spiritual level. It helped me to apply Prophetic teachings in the current world effectively, and has helped me to listen carefully and observe, skills which I will carry for the rest of my life InshAllah. Islam is a spiritual religion and most people often forget this.

    The Quran Institute is here to help us remember. 

    ‘There can never be enough Fikr’ (unknown quote). The translation of Fikr: what denotes the intellectual faculty in the act of thought, reflecting upon an object of intellection.

    Mufti Moinul and Muftiya Nasima are an example of people who embody this quote, they are in constant Fikr for the ummah, a rare phenomenon we are deprived of in this day and age of me, me, me. 

    It is inspiring to see a family working for families for the pleasure of Allah alone. May Allah bless them and increase them in goodness. I highly recommend the Family Program to anybody who wants to see the ummah thrive on every level. 

    - Anhha C. Marketing Executive. Wapping, London


    Taking part in the Family Program was an eye opening experience for me and made me reassess my approach to all aspects of this life and the next. It was the first time I ever engaged in any structured learning with a goal for not only increasing my own knowledge about Islam but to become a more productive member of the Ummah.

    The holistic nature of the course meant that many different fields of learning were covered and all of them being practical and applicable to my own life. I improved my relationships with friends and family, learned to set appropriate boundaries and engaged in a lot of reflection. Not only have I recommend the course to numerous friends, I have again signed up for the course to solidify my learning and to engage more deeply with the content.

    - Mohammad, Software Engineer, Manchester


    The Family Program was life changing, the course helped me rewire a lot of negative thought patterns as well as reinstalling my love and devotion towards the Deen. I believe it is so much more than a course but instead a beautiful and fulfilling journey that everyone can learn from. The Family Program has helped me establish and reframe my goals and ambitions for this dunya as well as giving me the tools to improve every aspect of my life. What you are taught in the family program cannot be compared to any other course!

    - Rand, University Student, Manchester


    The Arabic Citadel took me in and gave me refuge behind its walls when I was wounded and full of self-doubt. It was there Mufti Moinul guided us through the landscape of language introducing us to 'merchants and apprentices, governors and citizens' and all the wonderful characters of Arabic grammar.

    He ensured no one lagged behind, well-aware that we all came with various baggage; he uplifted us with positive words of advice and encouragement along the way making the load lighter to carry. As we explored the scenery of Qur'aan and poetry, he led us through many welcome detours presenting us the beauty of Allaah's (swt) deliberately placed words, revealing to us the gems of tafsir we would have otherwise missed but now have some of the tools to spot ourselves.

    This course is unlike any other. Mufti Moinul has weaved his creative genius into it making it an immersive experience bringing grammar to life as though you can picture it as characters in your mind. The Citadel will be a place I shall never forget. 

    May Allaah swt bless the team who built this wonderful and wholesome course. It truly is one of a kind. 

    - Umm Abdullah, Teacher, East Midlands


    Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

    Alhamdulillah, that I was directed to this course, and May Allah immensely bless our Ustadh, Mufti Moinul, his family and the course volunteers. 

    Firstly, the Citadel system Ustadh has developed, is genuinely impressive, and has been incredibly helpful; it is possibly the most unique, enjoyable and effective means, for developing a grammatical mind, with all the ‘four powers’, ‘Town-criers’, ‘Scholars’ and ‘Sultans’ ready to absorb the Arabic of the Quran. 

    Secondly, the structure of course delivery was very well-curated; the foundation Ustadh established from our very first lesson, and the incremental approach thereafter, was exactly what was needed to help unlock throughout the 10 weeks, what initially felt extremely complex and mind-boggling. 

    Thirdly, the method of teaching was excellent; learning was consolidated through 3 primary activities: the main lesson, the ‘trench’, and the ‘journal page’, which helped develop a very strong understanding week-by-week. Moreover, these activities were facilitated by the learning group, where we could have answers to any bits we were even slightly confused about.

    Finally, what I personally felt was the most invaluable aspect of the course, was the incredibly deep gems from Mufti Moinul, ranging from Tafsir and Ahādith to stories and life-lessons. 

    What a journey it was! May Allah allow us all to benefit from such programs and efforts, and allow us to live and die pleasing to Him ﷻ, Ameen.

    - Moosa Ali, University student, London


    The real meaning of family hit me after week four of Self Mastery. So what is family? What am I doing to improve important relationships with my children, parents and husband. Am I just slotting Allah in to my life through my identity or through my actions? This course helped me realise how Allah (swa) should be the core of my existence, the root of the tree.

    So what have I been doing with my life for the last 15 precious years of my life? The Family Program, as cliche as it sounds, has given me direction to ask myself key questions which lead to my growth. The arrow is pointing in the right direction now. It’s about the steps I take to achieve my potential which I never I knew I had within me. I encourage you all to join the Family program if you want to understand and breathe new life in to strained relationships.

    - Nagina Latif, Mother of Three, English Tutor, Woking


    I am from Canada and had been eyeing the Family Program for quite some time before registration opened. Mufti Moin's and Muftiyyah Nasima's Facebook posts gave me a glimpse into what I could expect from the course. Sure enough, I got more than I expected, particularly regarding a mindset shift towards the family as the foundation.

    I especially appreciated the Ummatic vision and the drive to be our best selves that the instructors instilled in the students as well as the opportunity for extensive discussions on the private Telegram group. 

    - Maryam, Wife, Psychology Student, Mississauga, Canada


    We were initially hesitant to start the journey but Alhamdulillah my wife and I have been able to improve relationships we have with family members and raise the standard within our own home for ourselves and our children. It has been the best investment we have ever made for our mental and spiritual well being. 

    - Abu Umar, NW London


    The Program was a safe haven and safe space to dive into the depths of my own reflections, to uncover the layers that hide the stories embedded in my path, to see myself self bare and traverse upon a journey of growth.

    Honestly, it was a journey of transparency, self-reflection and learning. A journey for the entire family. As one. I recommend it to all who had to face many challenges

    - Rifat Rehman, West Yorkshire 

    Alhamdulillah the modules in the Family Program really helped us grow together as a family. It allowed us to both look beyond just simply doing our spiritual rituals to being able to apply Islam holistically into our lives as a solution.

    The Arabic citadel element of the programme also helped us to contemplate deeply on the importance of language and the verses of the Quran, allowing us to understand the what our Lord is asking of us quite literally. It has also allowed us to better explain to our children what Allah asks of them too. We would highly recommend joining the family programme for those of you who are looking for a new lease in life as this is exactly what it has given to us.

    We are now in a better position to approach our problems with a renewed Islamic lens. 

    - The Ahmed Family, former advisor at FCA & School Administrator, London


    The holistic approach delivered by Mufti Moinul and Muftiyah Nasima in the Family Program makes it accessible to Muslims from all walks of life. The course is well designed to make you think introspectively and reflectively about yourself and how you can develop and grow as a better Muslim and in turn have an impact on those around you and ultimately the wider society and Ummah.

    Separate from the course itself, the location of the building, the facilities and atmosphere in and out of the lesson time make it an enjoyable experience with a beautiful community feel.

    - Abu Ilyas, School Teacher, Surrey


    The Family Program, where do I start? My Saturdays have never been the same, forget your everyday courses and institutes this is the place to be. One does not just learn all the classics such as tajweed, Arabic and Tafsir you learn how to navigate life and most importantly apply Islam to everyday life.

    The Family Program was like a home away from home. Whether online or in person, it was a real eye opener in terms of how deep Islam is and hope much it explain of our childhood and family experiences. In this course you don’t just learn about what the Quran says, but you learn about your own spiritual state in everyday life.

    - Abu Jahed, Recruitment, London


    We all have different events in life that Allah SWT tests us with. These may be the loss of a job, a parent or problems in our relationships. These events act as a wake-up call from the slumber and monotony of this life. Personally I faced a few events of my own recently and the Family Program has helped me frame all the different facets of my life. As I approach the half century mark in age, the family program has rekindled my love for the Islamic Sciences to enable one to understand the Quran.

    Considering all the measures provided in the family program, such as the creche and endless supply of coffee, I see how we can all grow closer to the Quran with our families. I have seen the positive effects in my daughter and how this has shaped her aspirations of teaching our Deen in the future, In Shaa Allah. 

    Kaisar, Senior Civil Servant, London


    The Family Program isn’t just a course. It’s a community of brothers and sisters led by Mufti Moinul and his wife Muftiya Nasima. It’s like a home away from home. You could be anywhere in the world and yet feel like you are part of this caring, compassionate collective that all seek to uplift as opposed to drag us down like so many in our lives.

    There is a strong sense of community with the students as they volunteer in retreats, outreach work for the community -the learning experience doesn’t stop at the classroom. This course is ideal for someone seeking to rebuild their lives after a trauma or major trial in life. Most importantly it gives me hope.

    - Umm Ayyoub , Welfare Assistant, Birmingham


    Entering the family program was a decision which benefited me in both the short and long term. The program helped me really question and focus on the important aspects of relationships, of the Arabic language and most importantly, how to be confident in the journey of learning.

    In the long term, exposure to the program had helped me progress in reading the Qur’an more confidently and further allow me to develop some understanding in the grammatical framework of the Qur’an.

    I really recommend the family program as everyone gets to learn together despite where they are in their life. It is okay to say when something is not understood and you get to really dive deep, question, ponder and constantly learn something new.

    - Farihah Miah, Redbridge, Interior Design Uni Student

What our scholars say

"I recommend The Quran Institute’s Family Program lead by two of my beloved students who I trust will teach the true family dynamic of the Quran. Mufti Moinul & Muftiyah Nasima both studied with me in the UK and then throughout our travels from Makkah & Madinah to Fez & Rabat. They graduated while having all the struggles of life and duties of a family, this effort will no doubt enhance their learning and inform how they teach families."

- Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

"I recommended you all to register and complete The Qur’an Institute’s Family Program"

Ustadh Dr Hamza Tzortzis 

“This is a groundbreaking course that adopts a holistic approach to islamic learning”

- Shaykh Dr Safaruk Chowdhury

“Having seen and appreciated the depth of what this program is meant to entail, I strongly recommend you sign up and support it”

- Imam Omar Suleiman

"As a friend and a teacher to Moinul Abu Hamza, I have noticed from viewing his classes that he often expands upon and goes deeper in explanations and interpretations for some points that perhaps don't require so much explanation. But don't be surprised my brothers and sisters, for this is his method since he was a student. He loves to cover the whole matter from all angles, and with this, his need for further Tafseer commentary around the topic increases".

Perhaps many a student will find such detail tedious at times. However if you place yourselves in the level of those who are less than this level in knowledge in this topic, then you would have known the reason for such length in commentary. He puts himself in the place of the beginner, so he talks to him according to the level of his understanding, and then he puts himself in the position of the advanced, so he expands in explanation as he imagines in his mind a person who asks. He tries to talk to each of them both according to the level of understanding, and this process requires from him to expand on things sometimes. May Allah (SWT) reward you my dear brother with the best of rewards."

كأستاذ وصديق لك، فإن ما لاحظته عليك من مشاهدة فيديوهاتك لبضع دقائك أنك غالبا ما تتوسع وتتعمق في الشرح والتفسير لبعض النقاط التي ربما لا تحتاج لكل هذا الشرح والتفسير، لكن لا تندهشوا أيها الأخوة، فتلك هي طريقته منذ كان طالبا، يحب أن يغطي الأمر من كافة جوانبه ولذا تكثر استفساراته حول ذلك الأمر، وقد يجد بعضكم هذا مملا أحيانا، لكن إن وضعتم أنفسكم في مستوى أولئك الذين هم أقل منكم علما لعرفتم لماذا يتوسع في شرحه هكذا، ذلك لأنه يضع نفسه موضع المبتدئ فيخاطبه على قدر فهمه، ويضع نفسه موضع المتقدم فيستفيض في الشرح كأنما يتخيل في ذهنه سائلا يسأل، يحاول أن يخاطب كلا على قدر فهمه وعقله وهذا يتطلب منه أن يبسط في الشرح أحيانا. 

جزاك الله خير جزاء أخي الحبيب

Shaykh Ahmed Al-Jendy, Arabic Grammarian

"Good to see local grassroots educational programmes for the family by the family".

- Shaykh Shafiur Rahman

"The Family program at The Quran Institute is a special journey of knowledge, dawah and purification of the self in addition to practical life skills that every Muslim family should acquire.

- Shaykh Usta

“A much needed course equipping Muslims with comprehensive knowledge of deen and Dunya, necessary to become future leaders”

- Ustadh Abdullah Al-Andalusi

"The family is at the heart of Quranic and Muslim consciousness, and the key to psycho-spiritual well-being, both individually and collectively. It was awareness of this truth which led Moinul and Nasima to dedicate their lives to knowledge, and to the imparting of that knowledge to others. Their excellent Family Program is an outgrowth of their own development, focusing as it does on the kind of life skills and spiritual literacy needed to form and foster strong, Quranically-minded families and intergenerational relations. Their endeavour cannot be recommended highly enough."

Dr Colin Turner, Co-Director, International Foundation for Muslim Theology

"Mufti Moinul doing great work in the trenches, check him and his team out for whole-person development and tarbiyyah"

- Imam Tom Facchine

"Please consider registering in and otherwise supporting this remarkable program led by Moinul Abu Hamza and Muftia Nasima."

- Dr Ovamir Anjum

"Please support this project|"

- Shaykha Aysha Wazwaz

"My students Mufti Moinul Abu Hamza and his wife Muftiya Nasima studied Qawāid-Fiqhiyyah (legal maxims), Maqasid -Ashariyyah (objectives of Isamic law) and Tahqeeq (fatwa research) in marriage and divorce matters. Their fatwas were published at our Darul Iftaa (Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence). I believe these jurisprudential tools coupled with pastoral skills, places them in an ideal position to develop Muslims couples and families."

Mufti Tosir, Darul Ilm / Darul Iftaa

"I rarely write recommendations for anyone, as it requires a great deal of trust and knowledge of an individual and their traits. As such, I do not say it lightly when I state that Ustadh Moinul is among the most sincere and dedicated students of knowledge I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in his efforts to enjoin good for our community. Whether with dawah or teaching, he gives his time and energy for the betterment of the ummah, oftentimes at his own expense and against the grain. Despite my misgivings toward the neglect of his own self, I continue to admire his tenacity and love for others. That is why it is easy for me to recommend his ‘The Family Program’ course to anyone who is sincere in understanding and preserving the family unit during these confusing (and often troubling) times. When society has become chaotic and hyper individualistic, the family unit has become the last bastion of sanity and stability in an increasingly unstable world. Because of this, I can think of no better a program than one led by a selfless individual who sees the greater value of maintaining the community and our values than establishing a brand"

- Ustadh Asadullah Al-Andalusi 

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