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This course includes:

  • 90hrs taught classroom sessions delivered over 22 weeks

  • 1-1 Mentorship & Counselling 

  • Onsite and Online Drills with multiple teachers per course

  • 50hrs of Pre-recorded support material & Coursebook worth

  • Creche Included to support young families worth £1100

  • Start Your Journey

    Begin your journey | Onsite & Online for £699 | £25 per month | Starts 29th April 2023

    Peace at home

    Almost 10yrs ago, Moinul & Nasima left their careers and migrated to Egypt in search of full time studies in Arabic and Islamic knowledge. Their son Hamza travelled with them from Cairo to Madinah, Makkah to Fez & Rabat in Morocco in search of knowledge.

    Explore the disciplines of Islam while benefitting from mentorship, companionship and a real sense of community. Build a powerful mindset that will help you build emotional maturity in a new vision for you and your loved ones. Seeking knowledge shouldn’t divide families, it should unite them. This is why family is at the centre of the educational experience at the Quran Institute.

    Are you being held back? Lack of willpower and negative relationships have shackled us. It cannot be emphasised enough how much our friends, family and community limit our horizons and prevent us uncovering our God given potential. This course will teach you how to uncover positivity though thankfulness and forbearance mindsets to become a positive influence to yourself and others. Eventually, you will build a growth mindset that will leave you never looking back as you venture forward.

    Learn. Heal. Grow

  • Life Skills 

  • How build everlasting positive relationships with friends, family, spouse and children to gain the optimum experience of life through Islam.  

  • Life skills that will help you discover balance from time management to dietary, sleep management from an islamic perspective.  

  • How to engage with your personal fears, anxieties and traumas from a Quranic perspective. This will help. you build a growth mentality. 

  • How to cultivate and nurture your child by learning how to retain the good from your childhood and discard what did not agree with Islam. 

  • Develop marriage and pre-marriage relationship skills to build harmony 

  • Spiritual Literacy 

  • Understand the major themes of the Quran as a key to explore the hundreds of lessons we can take form each Surah. 

  • How to engage with classical primer texts to engage with modern issues we face in our times from race, gender and roles in public and family life.

  • How to cultivate and nurture your child by learning how to retain the good from your experience and discard what did not agree with Islam.  

  • Meaningful prayer and fasts to strengthen your connection with Allah (swa). 

  • Become and independent learner by travelling "through letters to light" i.e from Tajwid to read, Arabic to comprehend, and Tafsir to contemplate and implement

  • Explore knowledge with relatable ijazah

    Growth amidst a fast paced life

    Muftiyah Nasima is a full-time mum of four. She holds a degree from Queen Mary University in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, her dissertation was on 'Clay and the Origins of Life'. She is also a qualified school teacher. After studying in Egypt and attaining Ijazaat on Islamic Scholarship (Alimiyyah) under the tutelage of Shaykh Akram Nadwi, she established The Quran Institute. She also attained ijazaat from Makkah, Madinah, Fez & Rabat. She is currently doing further studies in Jarh & Ta’deel and advanced studies in Women’s fiqh and working on her book on a spiritual guide to pregnancy and childbirth. 

    Mufti Moinul is a tafsir instructor at the The Quran Institute. He is a qualified as a Mufti (jurisconsult) from Darul Ilm UK and is now working as a pastoral counsellor for Al-Madad Outreach helping muslim couples. Before this, he was awarded his Alimiyyah Qualification under the tutelage of Sheikh Akram Nadwi at the Al-Salaam Institute which is authorised by Dar Al-Uloom Nadwatu Al-Ulama, Lucknow, India. He is currently rolling out several community projects from a Women’s Centre to a Mental Health listening line. 

    Course Curriculum

    This is what will be covered in the program in delicious detail

    Tajwid: The Sweet Science of Articulation

    “Indeed every letter has a right and is deserving”

    The word Tajwid linguistically means ‘proficiency’ or ‘doing something well’. When applied to the Qur’an, it means giving every letter of the Qur’an its rights and dues of characteristics when we recite the Qur’an and observing the rules that apply to those letters in different situations. We give the letters their rights by observing the essential characteristics of each letter that never leave it. And we give them their dues by observing the characteristics of each letter that are present in them some of the time and not present at other times.

    The Qur’an was revealed with Tajwid rules applied to it. In other words, when the angel Jibrael ((AS)) recited the words of Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) he recited them in a certain way and he showed the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the ways in which it was permissible to recite the Qur’an. So it is upon us to observe those rules so that we recite it in the way it was revealed.

    This course is for brothers and sisters and will run online and onsite for !5 weeks at our institute in Whitechapel, London. The course will comprise of an explanation of the Qa’idah i.e the foundational rules for reciting the Quran correctly. Sisters will have Muftiyah Nasima marking the weekly voice recorded homework assignments.

    Here is a brief list of topics that will be discussed: 

    Seeking Refuge (Isti’athah)

    Seeking refuge silently

    Saying Basmalah

    The Rules of Noon and Meem Mushaddad

    The Rules of Noon Saakin and Tanween Tanween: A Noon Saakinah which comes at the end of nouns. It is pronounced but not written.





    The Rules of Meem Saakinah

    Ikhfaa Shafawy

    Idghaam Shafawy

    Izhaar Shafawy

    Laam Shamsyiah & Qamaryiah Qalqalah

    Heavy and Light Letters Alif Madd Laam in the word Allah

    The Ghunnah for the Ikhfaa

    Madd Tabee’ee

    Madd Al-Badal Madd ‘Ewadh

    Madd ‘Aridh Li-Ssukoon

    Madd Al-leen

    Madd Waajib Muttasil

    Madd Jaa’ez Munfasil

    Madd Lazim Kalimee Muthaqqal

    Madd Laazim Kalimee Mukhaffaf

    Madd Laazim Harfee Muthaqqal

    Madd Laazim Harfee Mukhaffaf

    Minimum duration of module:: 15 Weeks

    Arabic Renaissance Course

    The Opener to Islamic Knowledge

    Knowledge of al-Islam in this life and the next is evergreen, and access to its divine texts are through its linguistic roots in Arabic. Arabic is not just for ijazah, it is for every male and female Muslim regardless of academic background or social and economic status. So come and embark on a sacred journey to discover the meaning of your prayers and supplications and directly access the Quran for yourself.

    Open yourself to the Quran by studying the language in which it came. This unique course that goes directly to the source code of Arabic grammar will enable you to be on the path to opening up the doors to the sacred sciences of Tafsir, Fiqh, Aqeedah and Usul. Invest in your salah, in your family and future generations by studying the language of Islam. As Muslims in the West, where we are spirituality parched in a sea of consumerism we need to take our succour from the divine texts and the accrued wisdom over the last thousand years of Islamic ijazahhip from the sages of this Deen. What better reason is there to study Arabic than to preserve one’s Islam in oneself, family and community. Today could be the first day of the rest of your life to make that change.-Ustadh Moinul Abu Hamza


    Our unique three peak system ensures doesn’t just measure the progress in the curriculum regardless of whether we leave the student behind or not, but also develops students to be able to hang on and scale the Arabic Mountain with an attitude and work ethic that will serve them well in this course and in future intermediate and advanced courses. A typical lesson will compose of studying conversations in Arabic, breaking down the grammatical rules and learning new words along the way. There will be speaking and listening components along the way the goes towards building confidence in the student to use the rules that were discussed with different words.


    Our ‘Three Peaks System’ explained

    Here is a sample of our schedule for our 3 Peaks System that prepares student’s expectations for the steep incline and a the cool down. Every class is different, so progressing through the schedule depends on every class.

    Peak 1: Nahw, which is to recognise case endings of words and parsing of words and expressions that form simple nominal and verbal sentences

    Peak 2: Sarf, which is to have knowledge of verbal conjunctions and how to derive nouns from the ten major verb forms.

    Peak 3: Tatbeeq, which is to have good reading and writing skills and basic speaking and comprehension abilities


    Duration of module: 22 Weeks

    Tafsir: Surah Al-Kahf: A Refuge From Materialism

    This course is an essential handbook for EVERY muslim family who seek to take shelter from the harms of social media, consumerism and materialism that have eroded or sense of self and our ability to relate to others in a meaningful way. The two main stories covered are the Youth Of The Cave and the Owner of Two Gardens. The first story discusses the fitna (trials) of holding onto one's faith which is essential for many of us who face difficulties in school, university and in the workplace. So how does one hold onto one's Deen in difficult times? The second surah discusses the fitna of wealth and consumerism that has even warped the Islamic message to the extent that learning Islam has become in many ways, a consumer experience.

    Your Instructor:


    Mufti Moinul is a tafsir instructor at the The Quran Institute. He is a qualified as a Mufti (jurisconsult) from Darul Ilm UK and is now working as a pastoral counsellor for Al-Madad Outreach helping muslim couples. Before this, he was awarded his Alimiyyah Qualification under the tutelage of Sheikh Akram Nadwi at the Al-Salaam Institute which is authorised by Dar Al-Uloom Nadwatu Al-Ulama, Lucknow, India. He is currently rolling out several community projects from a Women’s Centre to a Mental Health listening line. 

    Minimum duration of module: 15 Weeks

    Self Mastery Course on Ghazzali's "Letter to a disciple"

    This course the personal development course for those who want to discover their hidden potential and overcome personal traumas and anxieties and low confidence that stem from spiritual gaps that we all have growing up in this society. You will learn a growth mentality by learning how to navigate between toxic people and people who unknowingly hold us back. it will be a journey of self reflection and one's inner state so as to have a clearer self image to make change possible. Mufti Moinul will directly read through the arabic version of the small text 'Ayyuhal-Walad' or 'Letters to a disciple' and the commentaries on it. 

    Quotes from: ‘Letter to a Disciple’ by Al-Ghazali

    “I observed mankind, and saw that everyone had an object of love and of infatuation which he loved and with which he was infatuated, some of what was loved accompanied him up to the sickness of death and some [even] up to the graveside. Then all went back and left him solitary and alone, and not one of them entered his grave with him. So I pondered and I said: the best of what one loves is what will enter one’s grave and be a friend to one in it. And I found [it to be] nothing but good deeds! So I took them as the object of my love, to be a light for me in my grave, and a friend to me in it and not leave me all alone.”

    "Whenever you interact with people, deal with them as you would wish yourself to be dealt with with by them, for a worshipper's faith is incomplete until he wants for other people what he wants for himself.

    If you read or study knowledge, your knowledge must improve heart and purge your ego—just as if you learned that your life would only only last another week, inevitably you would not spend it in learning about law, ethics, jurisprudence, scholastic theology and suchlike, because you would know that these sciences would be inadequate for you. Instead, you would occupy yourself with inspecting your heart, discerning the features of your personality, giving worldly attachments a wide berth, purging yourself of ugly traits, and you would occupy yourself in adoring God the Exalted, worshipping Him, and acquiring good qualities. And not a day or night passes for [any] worshipper without his death during it being a possibility!"

    Minimum duration of module: 22 Weeks

    The Ideal Family: Marriage & Parenting Skills

    Is it me or do we keep hearing about some of the nicest people we know getting divorced?

    Have we ever thought our own relationships could be hanging by a thread and how it could be us next? A brother asked me why he should bother studying parenting if he isn’t married let alone with children. I told him “to discover how you were parentled incorrectly”. This is not to dislike or even be ungrateful to our parents, but to study the sacred sciences to build a filter to take all of the good and leave the toxic, character destroyed, confidence breaking behaviours that crippled us then and even affected our relationship in the present day.

    It’s not about whether you’re a nice person, it’s whether you’ve inherited or or taught how to relate to others below the surface level and how to not let toxic relationships obstruct your growth.

    When we see shocking neglect by people who abandon their parents in homes we attribute our doing the opposite as a blessing of Islam. What we forget is that the old lady abandoned in the care home *most likely did the same to her parents*. This is a hardwiring that’s not easy to change through talk of how superior Islam is but rather through relationships endowed with knowledge and structures that were formed and instilled over lengths of time. Over generations.

    Overnight conversions are too rare without any system for growth, and shahadahs taken by many often compounds the number of disorientated people. Generational change is needed. A handover of the baton of well adjusted, mature and knowledgable generation, a generation with sound theology and activism that hands over to the next generation. These days, we don’t hand over what we got right, we hand over what we got wrong in our marriages and how we were parented to build generation trauma ending in a rise in faith crisis.

    This why our motto is "family is the foundation". You do not need to be married or a parent. You need the desire to be the seed of changes and the soil for others to change. This will help you become family oriented person who wishes to branch out and help the Ummah and humanity.

    Minimum duration of module: 15 Weeks

    Suhba Mentoring Sessions

    In Surah Kahf there is a moment when the student of Musa (as) makes a mistake. Musa (as) did not become angry and correct him harshly. Rather the real relationship between teacher and student is shown when it was said:

    ‎ فَارْتَدَّا عَلَىٰ آثَارِهِمَا قَصَصًا |الكهف | ٦٤

    And so they retraced their steps back (together).

    Students and mentors need to revisit, retrace their steps back together. This is Suhba in our view. This is an open floor session when students can ask ANYTHING to Mufti Moinul and learn life hacks, techniques and mindsets to resolve issues in our personal lives. 

    Minimum duration of module: 15 Weeks

    Progression Potential: Yr2 Advanced Diploma Program

    For those seeking accreditation, you can continue after the family program for another year to complete our 2yr Arabic and Islamic Sciences diploma certification. Not all muslims who attain good relationship skills need to be students of knowledge BUT all students of knowledge and da’ee’s need relationship skills. This is because, family IS the foundation.Contact us if you are interested in our advanced 2yr Diploma. Here is the proposed contact to be covered for Year 2 with some modifications pending. Fees for the second year will be announced near September 2022.

    •Arabic Renaissance Literature Program - Muftiya Nasima

    • Fiqh of Fasting & Prayer - Muftiya Nasima

    Primer in Usul: Al-Waraqaat (Pre-Recorded) - Shaykh Safarruk

    •Tafsīr: The Hundred of Al-Baqarah - Mufti Moinul

    •Hadith Nomenclature: Al-Baiquniyyah - Shaykh Safarruk

    •Darkness to Light Seerah Course - Mufti Moinul

    •Women's Personal Fiqh - Muftiya Nasima

    •Dawa masterclass (Pre-Recorded) - Ustadh Abdullah Al-Andalusi 

    •Personal Mentorship Class - Mufti Moinul

    •Hadith An-Nawawi Studies (Pre-Recorded) - Shaykh Safarruk

    •Safeguarding and mental health training - (TBA)

    Start Learning

    Meet The Family

    Almost 10yrs ago, Moinul Abu Hamza and Nasima Umm Hamza left their careers and migrated to Egypt in search of full time studies in Arabic and Islamic knowledge. Their son Hamza travelled with them from Cairo to Madinah, Makkah to Fez & Rabat in Morocco in search of knowledge.

    In that time they were blessed with the tawfeeq to maintain themselves, extended family, and attained several ijazaat and several degrees while being active in the dawah in the community. The question isn’t just "what did they study" but rather it's, "how did they do it as a family". This and more will be taught from their lived experience to you and your family.

    Seeking knowledge shouldn’t divide families, it should unite them, this is why family is at the centre of this educational experience.

    Online Requirements

    • Anyone with a basic understanding of websites 

    • Should have a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile device

    • Should have access to internet via WiFi or Mobile data

    • Should allow access to the computer to download files


    + When and where will the course take place?

    The course will start 29th January 2022 at a venue in East London. The timings will be 10am - 4:30pm every Saturday.

    You can leave early or arrive later and access what you want online, online and what you prefer to access onsite, onsite. 

    Proposed Course schedule (can vary slightly in order):

    10am-11am : Quran & Tajwid: Sweet Science of Articulation 

    11am-12pm : Law: Family Foundations: Parent & Marriage Course

    112pm-1pm : Lunch Break & Dhuhr Salah

    1pm-2pm : Purification: Self Mastery Course

    2pm-2-15 : Tea Break & Asr

    2.15pm-3.30pm : Arabic Renaissance Level 1

    3.30pm-315 : Tea Break

    3.30pm-4.30pm : Exegesis : Tafsir of Surah al-Kahf, a refuge from materialism



    + Are your courses segregated?

    Yes, all our onsite classes are segregated.

    There is designated seating for brothers on one side and for sisters on the other.

    The rest we leave to taqwa.

    + Course requirements

    Absorption levels of all students vary. We will have some workshops, tutorials and online drills and lessons mid week to help you stay on track. This course is there to take you from beginners to an intermediate level. The rest is down to what you make it.

    + Are there any assignments/ homework?

    Yes, your teachers will be giving homework and assignments.

    This is in your benefit to have a better grasp of what is being taught.

    + Will there be any time for Q&A with Mufti Moinul & Muftiya Nasima?

    Yes, we have mentorship sessions where we have open floor questions.

    + Absences and unforeseen circumstances

    1. There are potential changes to our study schedule due to announcements of lockdowns, and so we reserve the right to move the course completely online for student safety.

    2. If onsite student attendance falls below five due to students choosing online attendance or due to absence, then we will also migrate the whole class fully online.

    3. Once the course begins, the fees are spent towards the delivery costs and therefore, course fees are non-refundable.

    4. If you are utilising the creche, you are still responsible for your child's additional needs from feeding to changing or any other special needs.


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